Fitness Nutrition

Some of my patients are athletes that want advice on nutrition to help improve their performance. Here is a testimonial from one of my athletes.

I can’t find the right words to describe the impact you have had on my life!!!! First, you’ve taught me how to be conscious about what & when I eat! Next, you taught me that small diet & lifestyle changes can lead to healthy outcomes! And of course you taught me how to set and achieve reasonable results!
— James

Eating Disorders

See what one of my patient's said about her treatment. There is hope in recovering from an eating disorder; and we'll walk the path together. 

I am now the strongest I have ever been; which is pretty cool to see myself grow. I still think about all that you did for me to help get me to this point and I am so grateful. Thank you so much for everything you did to help me.
— EL

Medical Nutrition Therapy

My patients need help with a variety of medical concerns - from GI issues to weight management and anything in between. 

I was always thin and then lost 20 pounds due to a severe bout with GERD. Nancy gave me many suggestions of how to introduce new foods slowly into my diet. She taught me how to be a detective in order to figure out what works for me. She also encouraged me to begin light ‘strength’ training.
I am now eating so many healthy foods and have gained 10 pounds. Nancy gave me hope and confidence that eventually I would be able to gain weight and enjoy eating again. Thank you, Nancy! I am very grateful for your kindness and expertise. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs food guidance to help heal their body.
— LK
Thank you for helping my wife recover from GERD. I am very grateful to you for the nutritional guidance and kindness that you exhibited during your nutritional sessions with her.
— MK
I always felt that I had the knowledge of healthy eating but knew that I could be taught more and Nancy did that for me. I maintained my 10 pound weight loss and dropped almost 60 cholesterol points under her guidance!
— VB